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importing RSS feeds onto your page using fetch()

posted on November 8, 2019, 12:00 am in

We're going to use the New York Times open RSS feeds (available here: to show how we can pull in RSS/XML data into any webpage.

The 3 main points are using fetch() to get the XML, parsing the fetched data using DOMParser() and injecting your content into a template for displaying on any page.

Here is the code below;

then(function(resp) { return resp.text() })
then(function(xml) { return (new window.DOMParser()).parseFromString(xml"text/xml") })
then(function(resp) {

items resp.getElementsByTagName('item')
let buffer "";
    for (var 
0items.length && 5x++) {

title items[x].getElementsByTagName('title')[0].textContent
const date items[x].getElementsByTagName('pubDate')[0].textContent
const content items[x].getElementsByTagName('description')[0].textContent
+= `
      <div style="
        margin:10px; padding: 5px; background: #ebebebff; border-left: 4px solid #a2a2a2ff;
        <div style="font-size:small">
        <div style="font-size:small">
document.getElementById('rss-feed').innerHTML buffer

The final result, a list of articles inserted into our page. These are a live feed from


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